Honda aviator scooter, Honda aviator on road price, aviator ex-showroom cost/ price in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune

Honda products especially their engines are known for their silky and smooth performance. Honda Aviator is one such product from Honda motorcycles and scooters India ltd. Honda Aviator has a 102cc engine and generates power of 7bhp at 7000rpm.
Honda Aviator, without creating much noise, cruises easily 70km/ph. It is made up of high impact resistance and offers good pick up.

Honda Aviator Cost – on Ex-Showroom Price in India

1. Honda Aviator Price in Delhi: 43,600/- Indian Rupee(INR)
2. Honda Aviator Price in Pune: 45,145/- Indian Rupee(INR)
3. Honda Aviator Price in Bangalore: 44,800/- Indian Rupee(INR)
4. Honda Aviator Price in Mumbai: 49,500/- Indian Rupee(INR)
5. Honda Aviator Price in Kolkata: 45,100/- Indian Rupee(INR)
6. Honda Aviator Price in Hyderabad: 44,950/- Indian Rupee(INR)
7. Honda Aviator Price in Chennai: 44,600/- Indian Rupee(INR)


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