These days we see interactive and animated internet web pages all around. These animations are played by Adobe Flash player. The flash files need flash player to play them and the flash player may be installed on the mobile/PC to get them played. Adobe flash lite is nothing but the mobile version of the Adobe flash player. It should be noted that many Nokia N series and E series mobile phones already have inbuilt flash lite players (Adobe Flash lite 2).

Adobe Flash lite 3 players are provided in all supported mobile phones after January 2009. Adobe Flash lite 3 is standalone SWF (Shock Wave Flash) player. Adobe Flash lite 3 can play SWF files on mobile phones and web pages along with SWF applications and themes. FLV (Flash Video Files) are not supported by Adobe Flash lite. FLV files are used in Youtube or Metacafe. Adobe Flash lite 3 has a browser plug-in in windows mobile, which helps it to play FLV files in Windows mobile devices

Here are the S60 Devices supported by Adobe Flash lite 3.1

1. Nokia N78
2. Nokia N95 8GB
3. Nokia E65
4. Nokia N95
5. Nokia N73
6. Nokia E51
7. Nokia 6120 Classic
8. Nokia N81
9. Nokia N81 8GB
10. Nokia N82
11. Nokia N96
12. Nokia E71

Windows Mobile Devices supported by Adobe Flash lite 3.1

1. Samsung SGH-i617 BlackJack II
2. Samsung SGH-i607 BlackJack I
3. Samsung SGH-i780
4. HTC-Pro S621 (Same as T-Mobile Dash)
5. HTC Touch Diamond
6. Palm Treo 700w
7. Palm Treo 750
8. Palm Treo Pro
9. Motorola Q Norman (same as Moto Q 9h (GSM))
10. Motorola Q9m
11. Motorola Q

Download Adobe Flash lite 3.1 for Windows mobile 5
Download Adobe Flash lite 3.1 for Windows mobile 6
Download Adobe Flash lite 3.1 for S60.


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