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N D Tiwari video in bed with three young women was aired on ABN Andhra Jyothi, a TV channel in Andhra Pradesh, on december 25, 2009. It was, however, stopped after the Andhra Pradesh high court issued notice prohibiting ABN AndhraJyothi from showing the so called "ND Tiwari Sex Scandal" explicit video/clippings. The video that shows N.D.Tiwari A(85) in bed with three young women, has shocked the entire nation.

The sex scandal video was shown on the channel early the Christmas morning. The High court ordered the injuction in response to a PIL. However, the video clippings were shown on TV for more than one hour before the court orders were prnounced.

The Video shows an old man (alleged to be N D Tiwari) wearing no trousers and a upper clothes up to the neck and three naked women, one at his legs and the others on his upper half.

The office of the AP Governer N D Tiwari has refuted such charges saying that they will file for defamation against the ABN AndhraJyothi news channel.

The alleged sex scandal video clippings of ND Tiwari is making rounds of internet and is also available on youTube and people are now downloading the same. The videos are the same that were shown on the TV Channel.


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