There is no doubt that the whole technology world is talking about the Google Nexus One at present but there are a handful of handsets like HTC Passion/ HTC Bravo that are being awaited eagerly.

The news regarding the existence of HTC Passion/ HTC Bravo was recently leaked in a HTC roadmap for 2010. The device (HTC Passion) was rumored for the first time a few weeks ago, and it is believed to come with Google's Android operating system.

As techies lapped up the leaked HTC roadmap, there were some confusion regarding the HTC Passion and HTC Bravo. Soon after, the details on the two devices were said to be one and the same. It is believed that the device will be called by the name HTC passion in USA and HTC Bravo in Europe. The details regarding the phone are still little at the moment, but, some sources claim that the release date is coming closer and HTC Passion/ HTC Bravo may be launched in January 2010. We will keep you updated with the latest news on release (launch) date of HTC Passion/Bravo.

Since the details regarding the release of the device are still not out, the price/cost of HTC Passion (Bravo) still remains unclear.

It is also not yet clear when the device will hit India or what price it will sell for in Indian market.


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