Kavya Madhavan, Malayalam Actress, has incurred controversy as her name has come in investigations into the illegeal activities of a self-proclaimed swamy in Kerala. The self-proclaimed Swami, who is a management graduate, was arrested by the police after a number of female devotees complained that they were drugged in the ashram of the Swamy and then under the influence of drugs they were made to act in blue films. It is being said that some popular film and TV actresses are also victims of swamy in this blue film racquet. The name of Kavya Madhavan is also coming into light but it is very early to say anything unless the truth comes out. The question-- how far Kavya Madhavan is involved, still remains answered.


arun said... @ June 7, 2008 at 1:47 PM

This is lame. The story was broken by andhracafe to destroy her career.

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