Manjunath Kalmani, the software engineer who had suffered accident in the United States, died at at Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi on Wednesday. For the last few days Manju Nath Kalamani was not keeping well. Manjunath was paralysed from neck downwards as a result of a spinal cord injury after a car accident in 2002 in the USA. He was brought to Indian 3 months ago in a critical condition.

The son of a farmer from Karnataka, Manjunath left home eight years ago, in the hope of changing things for his family and got a job with an American company, weather.com. Later, due to downward spiralling of economy Manjunath was laid off but the car accident in May 2002 changed his life for ever. Driving back home from Nashville, his car went out of control and crashed into a tree. This resulted into a badly injured spine. Following a brain stroke and an emergency operation, Manjunath was paralysed neck down and he barely moved or spoke.


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