Sucheta Anand, who too worked as airhostess for Indigo Airlines, was found hanging from a fan at Palm Grove hotel at Juhu on June 7, 2008. Sucheta Anand did not leave any suicide note at the place of suicide. The hotel room where she committed suicide was hired by the Indigo airlines for its employees.

The Sucheta Anand suicide case took a new turn on Thursday when the police arrested Arjun Menon (28), a pilot working with Indigo Airlines.

When the airhostess committed suicide, many believed Sucheta Anand (25), was disturbed because of a troubled marriage. Anand had separated from her husband and was living with her parents in Delhi.

Pilot Arjun Menon is a divorcee and live is Powai, Mumbai. On the day of suicide, Menon, is said to have spent nearly the whole day with Sucheta Anand at the hotel room. Police says that Menon got into an argument with Sucheta which may have prompted her to commit suicide. Menon is said to be a close friend of Sucheta Anand and was with her from 3 am to 6 pm on June 7. Sucheta Anand committed suicide within an hour after Arjun Menon left the hotel room.


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