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Folowing the footprints of his Bollywood bretheren, Ram Gopal varma has also jumped into the world of blogging. And, it is really great for both, the fans as well as the thinking director who has a panache for making films out of box.

In his blog, Ram Gopal Verma gives very interesting reasons for starting the blog. Ramy says there were two main reasons that took him so long to start a blog: one was his illeteracy about internet and the second is he vever cared to. But the thought of trying at least once and let his fans and critics ask questions, take digs, to ridicule and tell him how much they loved or hated his films, made him to start the blog.

These are the main posts which Ram Gopal Verma has done so far

RGV Review of Reviews:
Here, RGV takes a dig on various film critics like Khalid Mohammed, Deepa Gahlot, Gaurav Malini, Rajeev Masand, Subhash K Jha, Raja Sen, and answers all the points they had raised in their analysis of Sarkar Raj. It is quite interesting stuff!

How I came about making SARKAR:

RGV on the Internet Superhighway:

My Take On Sarkar Raj and pictures of Sarkar Raj.


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