Shani Jayanthi, Shani Jayanti celebration, Sani Jayanti, Shani birthday

Hindus are celebrating Shani Jayanti on June 3, 2008. Shani Jayanthi is the celebration of the birthday of Lord Shani/Sani. Lord Shani is one of the Navagrahas and is dreaded by thousands having faith and belief in astrology. According to the believers of this thought, Shani can create havoc in their life.

Shani Jayanti celebration is marked by Shani yagya or homa. People with Saturn cycle or Sani cycle / Sade sathi in their horoscopeis perform Shani yagya or homa to please Lord Shani on this day . According to many, Saturn cycle can be a reason for the bad patch or ill fate in their life. It is with this thought people pacifying Sani for Shani shanti for betterment in thier life.


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