shinjini sengupta, a 16-year-old girl from Kolkata developed a serious neurological problem after being eliminated from a reality show. This has been alleged by the parents of the girl, shinjini sengupta. The reality show in question is being aired on a Bengali TV channel.

The parents of the girl have also alleged that shinjini developed the disorder after being rebuked harshly by the judges on the reality show. The judges of the reality show, however, have denied the allegations. In fact the doctor who is treating shinjini sengupta too categorically said that “depression” was not the reason of her illness.

The judges have claimed that they did not use any harsh word that would upset the girl to such an extent. The judges have also defended themselves saying that comments and criticisms are an esential part of any reality show.

Dr Sitangshu Shekhar Nandi, who treated shinjini sengupta before her departure for Bangalore said that “depression” has hardly any role to play in the condition in which she is right now. a role in her suffering for the last one month. He said that “When she was brought to me around 13 June, she was not able to speak, move, swallow and even drink.

An MRI scan was done and that showed many abnormalities which made them to doubt whether that was a virus-related brain illness(viral encephelitis). The Dr said that it is a neurological disorder and has nothing to do psychiatry so depression is not the reason for Shinjini's present condition.


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