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Symboisis Pune is in news because of the alleged semi nude pictures of symboisis girls on internet, who are said to be from the women's hostel of the Symbiosis Institute. This is said to be spotted on internet by a Pune Mirror reporter. After coming to know of the semi-nude pictures scandal, the authorities of Symboisis Pune immediately set up an enquiry into the alleged scandal.

The officials from Symboisis say that they will try and find out whether the girls are really from Symboisis and stay in the hostel. The link of the alleged Symboisis girls scandal has been sent to Vidya Yerwadekar, who is the joint director of Symbiosis

Some students from Symboisis Pune say that earlier also they had seen similar semi-nude pictures of girls reportedly from the Senapati Bapat Road hostel campus of Symboisis Pune. The girls were in semi-nude position and were striking obscene poses. Some of them also allege that the girls from college send pics to websites to make money.


Aakriti Srivastav said... @ June 27, 2008 at 1:05 AM

As a person closely associated with the institute in question, I would suggest that a Daily with the reputation of Times of India should confirm the background of such 'Reporters' and then print them. If only the reporter had bothered had check -
a) these girls do not belong to the hostel
b) also the photos should have been compared with the actual settings of the rooms in the hostel - they do not match and i am sure that everybody can make out the double door fridge in the background - which is not provided in the hostel
c) and most importantly, in most of the snaps the girls are not in any 'obscene pose'.....merely people of the same sex hugging should not be thought of in a wrong way...
d) and neither should the clothing be of any objection.....as our bollywood actresses manage to wear less and prance around in much nudeness than those presented in these snaps...
further....by way of this statement i would really like to request the media to stop publishing such stories and concentrate more on real journalism and not make such pathetic attempts to create sensation and put the students as well as the institute in misery.

Rajesh Chaurasia said... @ June 27, 2008 at 2:09 AM

as a matter of fact i can only say that who ever tried to defame those girls , is a real frustated girl or guy. it`s nothing bad, in almost all boys or girls hostel these things do happen, when i was a student we used to take nude pics, itdoesnt means e guys were homosexuals. that`s sick mentality of ppl. it`s the age in which ppl do adventure and excitement. i dont think what ever these girls did was wrong. it`s perfectly alright --------

Priyanshu said... @ June 27, 2008 at 8:12 AM

Shame on Times Of India. I never expected a national daily to lure its readers by posting such news without any background check. They should also consider the embarrassment it brings to the families of students who are staying in Symbiosis girls hostel as most of the girl students staying in the hostel have nothing to do with these pictures. The reputation of the girl students at Symbiosis have been put at stake and no girl student in Pune would be able to say that she hails from Symbiosis (which is an extremely reputed institute). The media should behave in a more sensisble manner and should check its actions before publishing such news in haste.

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