Greater Noida Authority Residential Plots Scheme XT001 draw results, Greater Noida Plots Draw Eligibility List, Greater Noida residential Plots Draw Rejection Lists

The draw for Residential Plots Scheme XT001 was to be held on December 2008 by the Greater Noida Authority. It has now been decided to hold the Plots Draw on 22nd, 23rd and 24th December 2008.

Decision regarding holding the greater NOIDA plots draw 2008 on three days instead of just 22nd Dec, was taken due to a large number of applivants. According to inmformation available from greater NOIDA authority, the residentia plots draw 2008 will be held at India Exposition Mart Ltd, Knowledge Park III, Greater NOIDA.

Greater NOIDA has also published a list of candidates Eligible for draw and the candidates rejected for the residential draw.

Eligible Candidates

- Sector 3 - 120 Sqm
- Sector 3 - 200 Sqm
- Xu II - 120 Sqm

Rejected List

- More than 1 Application within Sector
- Less than Registration Amount
- Age less than 18 Years


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