• 3/4th cup skinless dried black beans (urad)
• 4 cups Flour (atta)
• 1 tsp anise seeds (Saunf)
• 1 tsp white cumin seeds
• ½ tsp red chili powder
• 1/4th tsp asafoetida powder
• 1 tsp coriander powder
• 1 tsp ginger finely chopped
• 1 green chili chopped
• 1 tsp Salt
• Oil for deep frying

How to make Daal kachori:-
Soak the beans (urad) in water for 10-12 hours, then rinse the beans and drain the water. Grind the beans. Take 1tsp. oil in a frying pan, add cumin seeds in it,let them crack,and then add grinded beans and all other spices in it,mix them for 2-3 minutes, so that mixture becomes dry for stuffing. Divide it into 10 parts. Sieve the flour, add 1/2 tsp salt,1tsp.oil,add enough water to make soft dough, cover the dough with muslin cloth and leave for 20 minutes. Take little oil in your hands and make 10 small balls of dough. Now flatten the ball one by one and wrap one part of stuffing in each ball and roll it into 3-4 inch with the help of roller. Heat plenty of oil in a deep frying pan , now lift the rolled kachori and carefully slip it into the hot oil.Flick the oil over it with the help of spatula so that it will swell up like a ball. Cook it till it become golden brown from both sides. Serve the kachori with chutney and curd.


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